Conservation | Venture Snowboards

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It seems only natural that we should strive to protect the wild places that inspire us. That’s why Venture has a dual focus: to improve the quality and performance of our boards while minimizing environmental impact.

We’ve followed this path from day one, building the cores for our very first prototypes with sustainably harvested wood, a practice we continue today. Over the years we've also initiated a comprehensive recycling program, experimented with low impact materials, and implemented a lean business model. In 2004 we converted our entire operation to wind power and in 2011 we began using topsheet material made from castor bean oil rather than petroleum. 

As we look ahead to breaking ground on a new production facility here in Silverton, we are incorporating these same principles into the structure. Design plans include passive and active solar features as well as sustainable, recycled, and reclaimed materials throughout.

These are small steps, but they demonstrate our deeply held commitment to conservation. With this ethic guiding our every move, we continue to seek out low impact materials and methods while maintaining our focus on quality and performance.