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Venture's Shape Shack is an experimental division charged with dreaming up new and innovative board shapes. With the help of freeride legend Johan Olofsson and other guest shapers, we are developing and testing concepts that push the boundaries of snowboard design. Shape Shack boards are produced in small, limited edition runs and are available to the public through the Venture Webstore.  Here's what's currently on tap:

Powder Pig - Resident Shaper & Graphic Artist: Johan Olofsson.
The Powder Pig is the second powder specific shape dreamed up by big mountain legend and pow surfing pioneer Johan Olofsson. Available in a 156 cm length, it has no edges and only two inserts - one near the tip and one near the tail - for attaching a rope. The flat “bat tail,” mellow rocker, and 33 cm width provide uncanny floatation. A true pow surfer’s dream. Say oink as you gorge on the deep stuff! Limited edition run of only 25 decks.

Skylar Special - Guest Shaper: Skylar Holgate.  Graphic Artist: Shanna Duncan.  The Skylar Special is a big mountain twin designed by infamous Silverton Mountain guide Skylar Holgate. Available in a 160 cm length and 25 cm waist, with a true twin shape that offers greater maneuverability and effortless switch riding. While this deck’s slightly softer flex makes it fun and playful, quadratics still give it plenty of bite and grip for less forgiving conditions. 4 cm (1.6") wider stance. Limited edition run of only 25 decks.

Swallowtail Bomber - Guest Shaper: Aaron Brill.  The Swallowtail Bomber is a classic swallowtail shape designed by Silverton Mountain’s founder and owner Aaron Brill. Lots of length for charging big lines and an elongated rocker profile for effortless float in the deep stuff. 180 cm length and 26 cm width - go big or go home. Limited edition run of only 25 decks.

Sultans - Like regular snowboards, but half as wide, and you put one on each foot. Crazy, we know! We're stoked to share the Venture love with our two planker friends through this super surfy powder shape built and tested right here in Colorado's mighty San Juan Mountains.

Visit the Shape Shack page of our Webstore for more beta on these unique designs and to see what else we might be cooking up!


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