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Handmade Poplar/Ash Core

Handmade Poplar/Ash Core - From day one we’ve use only sustainably harvested hardwoods to make our cores. By making our own poplar/ash composite cores, we produce lightweight boards without sacrificing durability, resilience, or performance.

Poplar lends lightweight strength, while ash provides impact resistance and durability. We incorporate ash strips at the edge and under the inserts, where impact and stress are greatest. This strengthens the areas that take the most abuse, and translates into better edge hold on icy slopes. Full length wood laminates - no finger joints and no off axis grains - ensure even an consistent flex from tip to tail, and a core that won't break down over time.


Triaxial Fiberglass

Triaxial Fiberglass - Torsional stiffness is the key to good edge hold, especially on a rockered board. With fibers are aligned with the direction of torsional stress, triaxial fiberglass is the best material for the job. We use triax in all our boards, resulting in superior torsional stiffness and rock solid edging.


Multiple Widths

Multiple Widths - One size doesn't fit all. That's why we offer each of our board models in four waist widths (24, 25, 26, and 27 cm). We originated this concept because we believe the right fit is the key to a great ride. Our widest boardsboast a 27 cm waist - one of the widest available.


Two Year Warranty

Two Year Warranty - All Venture snowboards are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for two years from the date of purchase. Our warranty outpaces the industry standard because we are confident in the quality and durability of our product.


Sustainably Harvested Hardwoods

Sustainably Harvested Hardwoods - We have a deeply held conservation ethic at Venture, which drives us to incorporate low-impact materials and processes wherever possible. We've used only sustainably harvested hardwoods for all our snowboard cores since day one. After all, future generations should have trees to ride in too.


P-Tex Sidewall & Base

P-Tex Sidewall & Base - For bombproof durability, all Venture boards come with a rugged P-Tex sidewall. This tough-as-nails material increases the life of the board so it can be ridden for several seasons without a loss in performance. We also use a Durasurf sintered base, which means fewer gouges from rocks, and better wax absorption for a slick, fast ride.

No other base material comes close to its speed without significantly sacrificing durability.


Straight-Line Rocker

Straight-Line Rocker - We're using a mellow rocker profile across the lineup. Flat in the middle with subtle lift on the tip and tail, it delivers a more playful, surfy feel while maintaining rock solid edge hold.


Built from Scratch in Silverton, Colorado, USA

Built from Scratch in Silverton, Colorado, USA - We take pride in the fact that our boards are built from scratch in the USA without outsourcing or prefabricated components. By producing our boards at home, and sourcing our materials in the USA whenever possible, we're reducing the need for petroleum-intensive transportation, keeping our country's economy vital, and providing jobs for snowboarders like you.


Quadratic sidecuts

Quadratic sidecuts help distribute pressure evenly on the snow, resulting in increased stability. They load the board further from the waist than circular/radial sidecuts, enabling you to achieve smooth, solid turns.


Inlaid Base Graphics

Inlaid Base Graphics - All our base graphics are created using inlay techniques. Boards with inlaid base graphics have an advantage over printed graphics because with inlay, the base material bonds directly with the other components, rather than with a weak layer of ink. The result is a more durable and attractive base. Because we swap the spare parts from one base with those from another, we are able to use materials more efficiently and eliminate waste.


Wind Powered Facility

Wind Powered Facility - We've been running our entire operation on 100% wind power since 2004. Using this sustainable alternative energy source supports our conservation ethic and helps reduce our output of the greenhouse gases that lead to global warming.