Hand crafted from scratch in the USA.
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Kevin Jones

One of the most innovative and talented riders to ever strap-in to a snowboard, Kevin Jones teamed up with Venture during the 2013-14 season to create a signature all-mountain twin. Jones's passions for both powder and freestyle were the driving forces behind this deck’s potent versatility.

ID: All-Terrain Twin

Shaper: Kevin Jones

Sizes: 160

A directional twin designed to shred it all, the Kevin Jones is built with straight-line rocker and straight-line ability. It's playful when you want it and stout when you need it. A longer nose profile slices through pow but you can still send it switch with ease. Length: 160 cm. Waist: 25 cm. Small-batch run of 25. Artwork by Abe Gilreath.