Hand crafted from scratch in the USA.
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Skylar Special

Skylar’s a senior guide at Silverton Mountain during winter, leads trips in Alaska for spring, and then travels south in the summer where he’s head guide for SASS Argentina. He spends up to 250 days a year on snow and abuses boards like none other.

ID: Burly True Twin

Shaper: Skylar Holgate

Size: 160

Silverton Mountain guide Skylar Holgate designed this board to rip AK steeps, mellow pow and everything in between. The true twin shape offers maximum maneuverability regular or switch, whether Skylar’s boosting a pillow line or running avalanche control routes. Length: 160 cm. Waist: 25 cm. 4 cm wider stance option. Small-batch run of 25. Artwork by Shanna Duncan.