Hand crafted from scratch in the USA.
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Snowy Owl

Johan Olofsson made a career of being a rider before his time, and he continues down that line by developing one-of-a-kind shapes for Venture that feed his powder habit. Johan brings invaluable perspective and experience to the Shape Shack program as he explores the far reaches of powsurfing and freeriding.

ID: Special-Release Splitsurfer

Shaper: Johan Olofsson

Size: 156

Snowy Owl is perched right at the crux of splitboarding and powdersurfing. A third generation split powder surfer with reverse sidecut, a 33 cm waist, “bat wing” tail, and generous helping of straight-line rocker, the Owl is the ideal deck for powder hounds who want to explore new terrain and get to the deepest snow. This board has no edges, and only inserts to mount touring brackets for the skin up. The touring bracket hole pattern is reversed to allow for easier skinning. Length: 156 cm. Waist: 33 cm. Small-batch run of 25. Artwork by Shanna Duncan.