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Inside Venture: Core Production

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Photos: Scott DW Smith / The Imagesmith

Venture Snowboards - Craft Snowboards Built in Colorado.

What exactly do we mean when we say that all Venture snowboards are made from scratch in America? This isn't just empty marketing copy. Let's take a peek into the inner workings of snowboard manufacturing at Venture, delving into the core production process and what it means to be proudly made in the USA and best of all, made in the Colorado mountains!

Venture Production Tech Building a Snowboard Core In Silverton Colorado

As the name implies, the core is the central and most important component of a snowboard. The core profile is largely responsible for how a board rides and gives a snowboard its unique personality and riding characteristics. 

Venture Snowboards - Snowboards and Splitboards Proudly Made in America.

Does the tail have lots of pop? How does the nose of a board butter? How stable is it at speed? Does the splitboard version ride like its solid counterpart? The core plays a major role in all of these factors and more.

Venture - Snowboards and Splitboards Made in Silverton Colorado

Given how much the core influences the way a board rides, it should come as no surprise that building cores is one of the most time consuming parts of the production process.

Handcrafting Venture Snowboards and Splitboards.

At Venture we do all our own woodworking, and build our full length wood cores from scratch. They literally start as a pile of raw lumber in the parking lot.

Venture - Top Quality Snowboards Made in the Colorado Mountains

From day one we've used only sustainably grown and harvested wood for our cores. Our Colorado Core is a blend of poplar, aspen and ash. Poplar and aspen provide lightweight strength, while ash - the wood used for baseball bats and hammer handles - is incorporated for its impact resistance and durability. Our aspen wood is harvested locally in Colorado, less than a hundred miles from our factory.

Full length wood snowboard cores handcrafted by Venture in Silverton, Colorado.

Venture's P-tex sidewalls are integral - meaning they are milled together with the rest of the core, rather than added during layup. This gives them superior impact resistance and contributes to the legendary durability we are known for.

Venture's Klem Branner showing off a handcrafted snowboard core.

Because our production crew is made up of die hard snowboarders like you, they sweat the small stuff and pay meticulous attention to detail.

Venture Snowboards - Handcrafted in the USA

Taking the cores from start to finish requires lots of wood glue, cutting, and planing, and creates lots of dust. But it's all worth it when the end result is a fine tuned, precision crafted, award winning snowboard or splitboard - something we take pride in building and you can take pride in riding.

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