Handcrafted in Silverton, Colorado, USA
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Silverton Avalanche School

Silverton Mountain

Ska Brewing

Where The Snow Pros Go

The nation's longest running avalanche education experience.

SAS Course Providers and their staff are unmatched in their programmatic and curricular excellence, leveraging comprehensive training and professional certifications, whilst maintaining an inexhaustible commitment to learner safety and student success. Our consortium of SAS Course Providers are a model of best practices and collectively share an ongoing role in shaping the future of avalanche education and backcountry rescue training in the United States.

Best Day Ever

Imagine a place where the average total snowfall of over 400 inches exceeds the amount of daily visitors. Advanced and expert only riding, no groomers, no clearcut runs and a real mountain experience with plenty of adventure on tap. All thrills no frills.

Welcome to Silverton Mountain, Colorado. Here you will find amazing skiing in every direction and one chairlift perfectly located to deliver you to the goods.

It Takes Character To Brew Beer with Character

Somewhere out in Colorado, in the year nineteen hundred and ninety-five, two guys named Dave and Bill learned that while they loved gulping down good beer, they weren’t yet old enough to buy it. They figured an answer to their quandary would appear if they drank enough and listened to enough thinking music, also known as Ska. On the second Skaturday of Skatember it hit them. If they brewed their own beer they’d have all the beer they could ever want. And while they were at it, why not brew the most magnificent suds ever quaffed in their neck of the woods…or any other neck for that matter.