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Venture Ambassador Rob Roof splitboarding Ophir Pass outside of Silverton, CO

General Questions

How can I get my hands on a Venture Snowboard?

First and foremost, we encourage you to support your independent snowboard specialty shop so check our Dealers page to see if you have a local retailer. If you don't have a shop in your area you can order through the Venture website, or purchase direct at our factory showroom in Silverton.

You are out of stock on your website - does that mean you are sold out for the season?

Yes, unfortunately that means we are sold out, but one of our dealers may still have what you're looking for. Check out the Dealers page to find an Authorized Venture Snowboards Retailer near you.

Do you have used snowboards or factory seconds for sale?

We do sell used demo boards in our factory showroom. Come pay us a visit to see what's available.

Where can I demo or rent a Venture Snowboard?

We generally offer a series of free demo days throughout the winter season - see our Demo Tour page for details. Many of our Dealers also have Venture boards in their rental fleets. Sorry, but we do not offer demos or rentals out of the Venture factory.

Where are Venture Snowboards made?

From the core to the topsheet, Venture proudly produces all of our snowboards and splitboards from scratch right here in Silverton, Colorado, USA.

Can I visit the Venture factory?

We are usually here 8 to 5 on weekdays.  If you are making a special trip to visit us, you might want to call ahead and make sure we are going to be here (if it's a powder day, we probably won't).  Our showroom is on the second floor of the building.  For your safety, the general public is not allowed on the factory floor.

I'd like to work for Venture. Are you hiring?

We are always looking for fun-loving hard-working people to join our team, so even if there are no openings you are welcome to submit your resume to us by emailing info@venturesnowboards.com.

Will you sponsor me?

Our Ambassador Team is currently full, but you are welcome to submit an inquiry that includes links to your website and social media feeds to info@venturesnowboards.com for future consideration.

Can you send me a catalog?

As part of our effort to reduce environmental impact, we no longer produce paper catalogs. Our website is the best source for information on Venture and our board lineup. 

Can I get a sticker?

Sure thing. You can either purchase stickers through the Venture website, or send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: Venture Snowboards, Attn: Stickers, PO Box 547, Silverton, CO 81433.

Does Venture make women's specific snowboards?

Yes, we do! For this season, Venture is offering a few women's snowboards: for all mountain riding we have the Oracle and Oracle Splitboard, and for freeriding, the Tempest and Tempest Splitboard.

Does Venture make wide snowboards?

Venture makes some of the widest boards on the market. Our 27 cm waist generally works for men's shoe sizes 12 - 14. Check the sizing chart on the individual board pages for more information.

Does Venture build custom snowboards?

Sorry, at this time we are not accepting custom orders.

Does Venture make skis?

We occasionally produce limited runs of skis through our Shape Shack project. You can join our newsletter or stay tuned to social media to get updates on limited edition product releases. 

Can I submit my idea for a new product?

Venture Snowboards does not accept or consider unsolicited product ideas. Please do not submit any unsolicited ideas, artwork or other works (“submissions”) in any form to Venture. The sole purpose of this policy is to avoid potential future disputes when our products might seem similar to ideas submitted to Venture. If you submit your ideas despite our request not to, any submissions will become the property of Venture. None of the submissions shall be subject to any obligation of review, confidentiality or compensation.

What if I have a warranty issue?

Please see our Warranty & Repair page for more information.

Construction & Tech Questions

Which board model is right for me?

That will depend greatly on your riding style and terrain preferences. The Paragon (or Oracle for the ladies) is directional all mountain board that's great for riding a range of conditions. The Zelix is an all mountain freestyle board and with its directional twin shape does well riding regular or switch. The Storm (or women's Tempest) is a freeride board and our best selling model. It it excels in steep and deep terrain, but can also handle anything the mountain throws your way. The Odin is meant for big mountain terrain, and the Euphoria is a full blown powder board meant for the deepest of days. 

What size board should I get?

Check out our Spec Sheet for recommendations on board length/width based on weight and shoe size. You'll notice that these recommended ranges are pretty broad, and that's because a lot it comes down to factors like personal preference, experience level, riding style, and preferred terrain. If you are new to the sport, like a softer flex pattern, want greater turning maneuverability, or typically ride mellower terrain, you should probably choose a length on the shorter end of the spectrum. If you are an aggressive rider, like a stiffer board, will be carrying a lot of weight on your back, or typically ride steeper or wide open terrain, you should look at the longer end of the spectrum.

What is straight-line rocker and how is it used in Venture boards?

Venture’s entire line features our proprietary straight-line rocker technology. This special formula follows a linear path underfoot, with mellow rise starting just outside the inserts. This offers you the best of both worlds - a playful, surfy ride in soft snow, but plenty of control and edge grip when you need it.

How should rocker affect my choice of board length?

Some folks say you can go shorter with rocker and still have as much float as you want. They're right. Others say you can ride a longer board since rocker gives a board greater maneuverability. They're right too. It's really all a matter of personal preference. In general, we recommend that you stay pretty true to size or size down slightly, rather than sizing up or down dramatically.

Do I need to wax my board before riding it?

All boards get a buff wax here at the factory, but you should give your board a good hot wax before getting it out on the snow. 

What else should I do before taking it out for the first time?

You may want to de-tune your edges on the tip and tail to prevent them from catching unintentionally. This is especially important in the case of splitboards, since it helps minimize topsheet damage when skinning.

What is the bevel on your edges?

We don't bevel the edges here at the factory so the bevel is zero degrees.

Do you have a recommendation for bindings?

We don't recommend one particular binding for use with our boards but when choosing bindings for a solid board we do recommend plastic baseplates rather than metal since metal can interfere with the flex of the board. You should also steer clear of bindings that have sharp corners as these may dig into the topsheet as the board flexes and cause topsheet failure which is not covered by warranty. For splitboard bindings, we are big fans of Spark R&D.

Splitboard Questions

What is a splitboard and how does it work?

A splitboard is a snowboard designed for backcountry riding. The board essentially comes apart into two "skis" for the uphill part of the journey, and is then reassembled into a snowboard for the ride down. This is a much more efficient way to access the backcountry than snowshoes.

What hardware is included with my splitboard?

Our splitboards come "naked" which means they only have the hooks/clips on the tip and tail. No other hardware is included.

What other items do I need in order to have a functional splitboard?

While you can use a standard pair of strap-in bindings with the "Voile Splitboard Hardware for Standard Bindings," we highly recommend a pair of splitboard specific bindings, in which case you will need what Voile calls the "Voile Splitboard Hardware Puck Set" (this kit is included with a purchase of the Spark R&D bindings). You will also need a pair of skins. You can find splitboard accessories for sale on the Venture website.

Do you have a recommendation for splitboard bindings?

We are huge fans of Spark R&D splitboard bindings but you might also check out Voile's Lightrail binding or the Karakoram system.

Do you have a recommendation for splitboard skins?

We recommend a high traction skin that has tail clips like the G3 Alpinist skins offered on our website.

Can I use the Karakoram clips on your splitboards?

Yes, the Karakoram clips work with any factory built splitboard that uses the Voile hole pattern. 

Can you install Karakoram clips on my splitboard for me?

We do not offer K clip installation, but it is fairly easy to do yourself. See the Karakoram website for more information.

What else do I need to go riding in the backcountry?

Safety is extremely important when you are riding in the backcountry and the most important thing you can take with you is knowledge. Please take an avalanche class before venturing out of bounds. To find avalanche education classes in your area, check out avalanche.org. At a minimum you should always carry a beacon/transceiver, shovel, and probe and know how to use this rescue gear. You will probably also want a backpack that can carry a snowboard and a pair of collapsible poles.

Have a question that's not answered here? Email us at info@venturesnowboards.com.