Handcrafted in Silverton, Colorado, USA
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Our Story

Venture's DNA
The only thing our team loves more than building snowboards is riding snowboards. Venture was founded in 1999, beginning our lifelong pursuit of crafting unrivaled snowboards for maximum mountain enjoyment and performance. Every Venture is handcrafted by snowboarders in our Silverton, Colorado factory and tested in some of the most demanding terrain in the lower 48. The mountains dictate the design; countless hours of rider R&D go into every product. Fortunately for us, “R&D” in this case equals snowboarding.
Handcrafted by Snowboarders
We’re not a mega manufacturer that builds mass-market boards. Our “secret sauce” is attention to detail. We ride these boards day in and day out, so nothing gets by us. At Venture, every board counts and nothing leaves our factory without final approval from the founders themselves.
The Silverton Advantage
How many snowboard companies do you know that can go from prototype to pow by simply walking out the factory door? We take what we learn in these mountains and build that knowledge into every single one of our boards. We gather feedback from dedicated Venture riders like our friends at Silverton Mountain, who put their boards through unfathomable abuse. This wealth of information enables us to evolve and improve our boards’ performance year after year.