Handcrafted in Silverton, Colorado, USA
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Brett Menter

Venture Ambassador Brett Menter

Occupation: Guide, Instructor, Ambassador

Home Town: Littleton, CO

Home Mountain: Copper, CO

Snowboarding Since: 1998

Riding Venture Since: 2014

Setup: 162 Storm Split

Bio: From Littleton, CO, Brett pursued the off­-the-beaten-path of snowboarding after a highly successful high school athletic career. He is passionate about taking people into the mountains and providing them with infinite stoke. From backcountry snowboarding to backpacking, mountaineering, rock and ice climbing, kayaking, and canoeing, he’s led trips all around North America for multiple organizations. Brett currently resides in Squamish, BC where he spends most of his time touching rocks and being in the Mountains.

Best Snowboarding Memory? WOW....So many memories. I would say the main and most amazing would be a first descent this year in the Chugach with 4 snowboarding guests from Colorado. I have been spotting this couloir for 3 years and was finally granted with the perfect conditions. The best part was the stoke of the group. It wouldn’t have been the same if I was all alone.

Why Venture? Handmade snowboards that can truly take a beating. Whether it’s a narrow steep couloir or an exposed icy ridgeline, the performance is incredible. For someone who needs a burly board that holds up to mountaineering boots and lots of rocks, Venture is my go­to. I love the graphics, simple and relevant. Plus, the people making the boards are fantabulous people that I love supporting and representing.

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