Handcrafted in Silverton, Colorado, USA
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Chris Stillwell

Chris Stillwell Venture Snowboards Ambassador

Occupation: Aspiring Guide, Lifelong Shredder, Down-Day-Engineer

Home Town: Fort Collins and Silverton, Colorado

Home Mountain: Berthoud Pass then, Silverton now

Snowboarding since: 1997

Riding Venture since: 2016

Why Venture? Venture embodies what I love about snowboarding. It is a mountain focused company that builds amazing boards designed for the type of rider I want to be. Venture boards are built in Silverton, the heart of the San Juans. Every board comes in a split.

Best Snowboarding Memory: It’s so hard to choose, my mountain experience has changed so much over the years. Hard to top AK with the Silverton Mountain Guides crew. Riding off the top of the Mt. Ruapehu Crater in NZ this summer was top notch. But I still really miss the old days: hot laps on $30 day passes at the old Berthoud Pass Ski Area in ’99.

Setup: Paragon 157 solid and Odin 160 split

Bio: Grew up in CO and cut my teeth as a grom on the Colorado Front Range. I have always dreamed of being a professional snowboarder. I was geeking out on snowboard films and idolizing the old pros before I ever had my own board. Through the years since then I have done a lot of things: ski bumming, engineering degree, office job, moving away, moving home...the gamut. My passion for the mountains was the one constant through it all. I think the best part of my story is that, at 33, I decided to refocus my life on my dreams and really step back into the mountains. I am super lucky to have the life I do, with so much support from the people around me. With a little hard work and perseverance, you can make your dreams come true.