Handcrafted in Silverton, Colorado, USA
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Construction Features

Hand crafting the finest snowboards on the planet at Venture Snowboards.

We believe that perfection is achieved when nothing more can be eliminated from a design without compromising function. So it follows that our approach to making snowboards is straightforward, with simplicity at its core. Our classic snowboard designs are minimalist, streamlined, and include only essential components combined in the most efficient way. The end result is a snowboard that's elegant, functional, and built to last.

Straight-Line Rocker

Venture’s entire line features a proprietary Straight-Line Rocker technology. This special formula follows a linear path underfoot, with mellow rise starting just outside the inserts, and eliminates the lack of control often associated with rockered boards. As a result Ventures offer the best of both worlds - a playful, surfy ride in soft snow, but plenty of control and edge grip when you need it.

Colorado Core
From day one we’ve used only sustainably grown and harvested hardwoods to make our cores. Our aspen/poplar/ash blends cut weight while staying strong and snappy. The aspen is sourced less than 100 miles from our Silverton factory. In each board strategically placed poplar and ash stringers complement the aspen by reinforcing high-stress zones and maintaining Venture’s legendary durability.

Seamless Split Technology
Simply put, we build our splitboards to ride like solid boards. Our splitboard craftsmanship is unmatched: we have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to slop between the inner edges and imprecise hardware placement.

P-Tex Sidewall & Base
For bombproof durability, all Venture boards come with rugged sintered P-Tex sidewalls. Our Durasurf sintered base glides fast as a race board and deflects all but the gnarliest core shots.

Triaxial Fiberglass
Torsional stiffness is the key to good edgehold - especially on a rockered board. With fibers aligned in the direction of torsional stress, triaxial fiberglass is the best material for the job.

Cold-Rolled High Carbon Edges
Rockwell 48 carbon steel edges are extremely durable and stay true when others blow out.

Fusion Flex & Sidecut
The right combination of flex and sidecut is Venture’s secret sauce, and is essential for balancing playfulness with control. The perfect fusion of these two elements distributes edge pressure evenly on the snow, boosting stability and edge hold.

Inlaid Base Graphics
Boards with inlaid base graphics have an advantage over printed graphics because with inlay, the base material bonds directly with the other components rather than with a weak layer of ink.

Evil Twin Base Technology
Every base we make has a negative, we call it Evil Twin Base Technology. By swapping the spare parts from one base with those from another, we are able to use materials more efficiently and eliminate waste.

Castor Bean Topsheets
We use topsheet material made from the oil of castor beans. Not only does this further our environmental commitment by reducing our use of petroleum products; it’s also the most durable topsheet material available.

Wind Power
We’ve been running our entire operation on 100% wind power since 2004.