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Frankie Devlin

Venture Snowboards Ambassador Frankie DevlinOccupation: Engineer

Hometown: Bellingham, WA

Snowboarding Since: 1996

Riding Venture Since: 2016

Board of Choice: Venture Storm

Bio: Frankie grew up riding rails and icy park jumps on the east coast. After college he moved to Tahoe to ride park for a few years, but relocated to Washington after discovering the joys of riding powder. Frankie spends most of the year exploring the mountains of the Pacific Northwest on his splitboard, where alpine summits, steep couloirs and gorgeous pillows are always top priorities. When the Cascade winter season dries up, he quenches his thirst for powder with trips to snowier places such as South America and Alaska. When not splitboarding or riding chairlifts at Baker, Frankie spends his time mountain biking, rock climbing, or hanging at the lake with his family and his chocolate lab, Wyatt. Frankie pays the bills with a job designing solar panels.

Best Snowboarding Memory? I have two recent memories that stick in my head. In Chile this year we rode a line off of Punta Negra that blew my mind. It was a steep, narrow couloir with perfect powder suspended over an un-ridable cliff 5000’ above the Yeso reservoir. On the other end of the spectrum, this year's A-Rob Smash Life at Alpental was all-time. Hundreds of snowboarders got together to camp, party and ride powder. It was really inspirational to re-connect with such awesome people and get collectively stoked on snowboarding and life in general.

Why Venture? Venture snowboards are built by people with integrity and a true passion for snowboarding. The boards are superior quality and extremely reliable which is critical when riding high stakes lines deep in the backcountry. They are also super fun and shreddable which is critical when you are lapping chairlifts with your buddies.