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Logan Austin

Venture Ambassador Logan Austin

Occupation: When I'm not in my favorite element I make a living in Real Estate as a Broker at Keller Williams Realty in Durango, CO with a career focus on Commercial, Investment Properties and Development. When I am in my favorite element, "the white room,” I certainly consider myself a Big Mountain Aficionado who enjoys being in Wolverine mode in the San Juan’s powder.

Home Town: I have the pleasure of calling Durango, Colorado home for 23 yrs.

Home Mountain: Silverton Mountain and the San Juan backcountry are my places of worship

Snowboarding Since: 1994

Riding Venture Since: 2008

Board of Choice: Paragon - Solid and Split - I love being able to ride the same board in any condition and any location. Whether hiking deep in the backcountry or at the resort there is no better board to have under my feet than a Paragon.

Bio: Logan was born in Lincoln Nebraska and grew up in New Mexico. He began life in the snow covered hills on two planks at the tender age of 4. By the time he was 13 he had picked up skateboarding and soon after snowboarding. That same year he watched his first snowboard movie, Easy Rider, and ever since has been pursuing the freedom of the biggest and baddest lines he can get to the top of. Logan came to Colorado for college in 1999 and fell in love with the San Juans and the freedom of the backcountry. Like many he started off with “suffer shoes,” and then discovered the answer... splitboarding. When not taming the white stuff, Logan enjoys rafting, mountain biking, hiking and camping in his 16 foot airstream that's affectionately named Bambi. 

Best Snowboarding Memory? Tough to say any one moment stands out, there have been many. But I am certain they have all happened with a Venture strapped to my boots.

Why Venture? Hands down the best boards on the planet. The only boards that allow me to ride the way I want to and can take the beating I put boards through. If it’s big mountain pow, resort hard pack or boiler plate comp day, Venture handles it all and gives me the confidence and freedom I love having under my feet when I’m in the mountains.

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