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Mike Whitfield "Whitty"

Venture Snowboards Ambassador Mike WhitfieldOccupation:Professional Powder Junky, Chippy, Fly Fishing Float Guide, Oar Jock

Home Town: Avon, CO

Home Mountain: Vail

Snowboarding Since: 1990

Riding Venture Since: 2003

Board of Choice: I like a quiver: 160 Paragon for everyday riding, 166 Storm split for exploring and 156 Euphoria for pow surfing.

Bio: I have committed to all aspects of snowboarding throughout the years from racing to park and pipe, eventually migrating into the backcountry. I put a lot of effort into learning mountaineering skills and have snowboarded in both hemispheres traveling to the countries of India, Chile, Japan, France, Switzerland, New Zealand, Turkey, Canada and throughout the US including Alaska. I am super excited every time snow falls and feel like a kid again when I strap in.

Best Snowboarding Memory: My best memories have formed into a collage of experiences created from around the world. Every season I come home after a great day riding with the feeling it was the best day of my life.

Why Venture? I love knowing where my snowboard comes from and who makes it, that matters to me. Ventures are lightweight, precise, strong and withstand years of punishment. Ventures Can Be Trusted.

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