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Mike Whitfield

Venture Snowboards Ambassador Mike WhitfieldOccupation: Fly Fishing Guide, Carpenter

Home Town: Avon, CO

Home Mountain: Vail

Snowboarding Since: 1990

Riding Venture Since: 2003

Board of Choice: 165 Odin solid, 169 Odin splitboard

Bio: Whitty grew up in Madison WI, and cut his teeth at Tyrol Basin racing and riding halfpipe, freestyle, slopestyle and boardercross. His interests turned to freeriding, splitboarding and snowboard mountaineering while living in France and Switzerland in the late 90s. He's still a globetrotter, traveling the world chasing powder, the best terrain and the best food. He considers his two greatest accomplishments to be staying as excited about snowboarding today as when he first made it down the local sledding hill without falling, and coming home safe after so many amazing adventures.

Best Snowboarding Memory: Riding a Venture Odin splitboard with Spark bindings for the first time and riding it like a solid board after patiently splitboarding since '99.

Why Venture? I love the Venture family, they are the only boards that can be trusted. Best splitboards in the world.

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