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Mike Wigley, AKA: Pow Slashing Wigley

Venture Snowboards Ambassador Mike WigleyOccupation: Splitboard Gypsy, Avalanche Instructor, Guide in Training

Home Town: Nelson, BC

Home Mountain: Whitewater

Snowboarding Since: 2000

Riding Venture Since: 2010

Setup: Venture 171 Storm. That board is my weapon, I can take it anywhere and it performs exactly how I want it to. Powder, pillows, steeps, couloirs, jibbing around, even riding switch. Most think that board is a straight freeride orientated board. I’ll back one off pillows landing fakie, or through switch spins off jumps.

Bio: I am a splitboard gypsy. It’s who I am. I’m married to the mountains. I travel the world searching for the eternal beauty of the mountains. Splitboarding is honestly the cheapest way to see the world in my eyes. All I need to do is fill my pack with food and gear and head to the mountains. I’ll figure out the rest along the way. I’ve been known as the “goat,” I always find mountain goats when I’m solo in the mountains, and I believe they are my spirit animal. I’m constantly pushing to get another lap in, or push up higher. You can fill my pack with whatever and I’ll just go. I’ve splitboarded in 5 continents covering BC, Alberta, Yukon, AK, Washington, Oregon, California, New Zealand (x3), Australia, Kyrgyzstan, India, Argentina, Chile, Norway. I’m pushing to splitboard for 10 years straight (120 months) I’m currently on 48, in a couple days 49! I’m pursuing to be a guide to share my passion and I currently teach avalanche courses in Nelson, BC.

Best Snowboarding Memory: I have so many amazing memories, that honestly one doesn’t come to mind. I love snowboarding so gosh darn much. The bad days make the amazing days so great. From how humble it is to ride with my homies in NZ and getting my ass handed to me in these rugged mountains that are consistently affected by weather. You have to act so fast to get the goods or you’ll be left out. To living in Kyrgyzstan for 6 weeks in yurts in the alpine. Accessed by ski touring and horses. Traversing the Lyngen Alps under the midnight sun in Norway, the fjords and riding straight down to the ocean. Searching for couloirs with my homies in BC, camping for weeks just to wait out storms and find the goods. Being way up North in the Yukon with my best buddy Logan, having our minds blown from the Northern Lights and bagging untapped lines. Of course I wouldn’t forget glacier camping in Alaska with my homies, eating good food and tagging spine lines. As well, I really love summer shredding. I love searching for zones in the heat of the year and disappearing from summer for a few days, mucking around on glaciers and sometimes finding superb corn conditions in July. I’m honestly so in love with snowboarding, I never want to stop and I haven’t. I’ve currently been splitboarding for 48 months straight, probably more by the time you read this. All my funds go to snowboarding and I forfeit on everything else to fuel my passion. You only live one life, make it the best one yet!

Why Venture? I only support companies that have an environmental and strong passion for building the best boards on the planet. I don’t support China made crap. I’ve snapped so many boards in my life; I’ve never been able to snap a Venture. They are bombproof; they are made by passionate snowboarders that care so much for building quality product and care about the environment. My goal is to put more and more people on Ventures, because I want people to have boards that will last awhile, not replaced in a few months.

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