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Mike Wigley

Venture Snowboards Ambassador Mike WigleyOccupation: International Splitboarder, Guide in Training, Alpine Nomad

Home Town: Rossland, BC

Home Mountain: Red Resort

Snowboarding Since: 2000

Riding Venture Since: 2010

Board of Choice: Venture Storm

Bio: I’m 31 from Whitby, Ontario. I grew up in the flat suburbs of Ontario where the nearest mountain was not around. I grew up shredding ice, and jibbing rails. I moved out west 11 years ago to the Rockies (Banff, Alberta) for a year till I moved to the Kootenays the following year to Rossland BC where I have been the last 10 years. I’m a lover of mountains, I love every detail about them. I feel they are excellent teachers and you can learn much about yourself and the ones you travel with. I’ve been snowboarding for about 16 years and I’m actually more stoked than I’ve ever been. I’m currently a guide in training and have been travelling all over the world the last few years to widen my snow base knowledge in many different mountain ranges. Travelling all over the western side of Canada (BC, Alberta, Yukon), USA, Chile, Argentina, India, NZ, Australia, and Kyrgyzstan. I’m currently on month 35 of consecutive turns, and shooting for 100!

Best Snowboarding Memory: I don’t have one best snowboarding memory… I have thousands! From alpine traverses in New Zealand at sunset, riding with horses and living in yurts in the Tien Shen Mountains of Kyrgyzstan, hanging with monkeys in Gulmarg India while shredding pillows in huge old growth, to slaying lines with my homies all day in our home mountains, getting back to a hut, crush some grub and play some crib. I feel my best memory just gets better as the years go by. This is what I love about splitboarding though, I love the thought process, the dream. I love how it never stops, once you climb one mountain, you see a world of options on the other side. You dream, then create, hatch overnight plans, nights of staring at maps and Google Earth. To then be in the present moment, analyze the snowpack. Feel the first rays of sunlight, the stoke of the morning, the climb, the high fives, and the stoke factor going through the roof. Then laying down a line that you have dreamt about, creating turns and making art along the empty canvas of the mountain. Get back to your tent, hut, or vehicle. Stare back at what you stood on and smile. This is what life is about… adventure!

Why Venture? I choose to ride Venture for how bombproof their boards are! I have broken a lot of boards over the years… Venture, haven’t snapped one! I appreciate how conscious they are to the Environment, and creating the most eco friendly boards on the market. As well as having their shop located in the rugged San Juan Mountains, they have access to a pristine freerider’s paradise that is a dream for perfecting shapes and testing new designs.

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