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Nick Caselli

Occupation: Ski Patrol Director at Mt Shasta, Mountain Guide, Cartographer

Home Town: Mount Shasta, CA

Home Mountain: Silverton Mountain, Mt Shasta Ski Park, Mt Shasta Backcountry

Snowboarding Since:1996

Riding Venture Since: 2006

Board of Choice: Storm 166 solid and split for pow/variable conditions. Paragon 161 solid for spring/firm conditions. Paragon 161 split with Phantom hardboot setup for big mountaineering missions.

Bio: Growing up surfing and skating in the Southeast, Nick moved out west, tried snowboarding, and has continued sliding sideways on snow ever since. Nick built his first splitboard from a DIY kit back in 2000 and all his problems were solved. Nick splits his winters between guiding at Silverton Mountain and patrolling at Mt Shasta Ski Park, where he is the snow safety director. In spring and summer Nick is a Senior Guide and Operations Director for Shasta Mountain Guides, where 7000’ + descents can be had well into July in most years. Nick is an unapologetic snowboarder, and has worked hard to carve out a career as a professional mountain guide and patroller while many said he would eventually switch to skis. Keep waiting - not gonna happen!

Best Snowboarding Memory: Too many! Short list would be first chair pow rallies at Mt Baker in the late ‘90s, any run at Silverton Mountain in good conditions, and so many awesome summit descents of the Cascade Volcanoes

Why Venture: Because the owners are awesome people, the boards are indestructible, and the engineering and craftsmanship is the best in the industry.

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