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Ryan Irvin

Venture Snowboards Ambassador Ryan IrvinOccupation: Christmas Light Installer, Photographer, Semi Professional Dirtbag

Home Town: Haines, AK

Home Mountain: Mt. Hood

Snowboarding Since: 2010

Riding Venture Since: 2011

Board of Choice: Venture Storm

Bio: Coming from the Pacific Northwest, Ryan has a soft spot in his heart for alpine starts and long corn runs. He studied video production and outdoor education at Mt Hood Community College where he got sucked into the obsession of splitboarding and mountaineering. He's currently living the seasonal lifestyle with time split between Oregon, Salt Lake City, Alaska, and SW Colorado.

Best Snowboarding Memory: Riding the Rescue Gully on Denali has to be one of my most ethereal moments. Riding solo on a mountain of that magnitude will really make you feel small.

Why Venture? Because breaking boards sucks! There is nothing more trustworthy than a Venture. They hold a mean edge and can handle a good beating. Klem and Lisa were committed to splitboarding long before other snowboard companies jumped on the bandwagon. Keep the toys in China and ride something handcrafted for shredders by shredders!

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