Handcrafted in Silverton, Colorado, USA
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Swallowtail Bomber

Silverton Mountain founder and operator Aaron Brill spends his winters in the San Juans and then guides and rides in Alaska during spring. Aaron provides Venture with product feedback year in and year out, and his input has been worked into our boards’ DNA. He knows exactly what he wants in a big mountain snowboard, and the 180 cm Bomber swallowtail was built to his specifications.

ID: Bomber. Super Bomber.

Shaper: Aaron Brill

Sizes: 180

Silverton Mountain founder and owner Aaron Brill designed our classic, limited-edition swallowtail. Available exclusively in a 180 cm length and 26 cm waist, the Bomber is built for speed, stability and supreme float. Small-batch run of 25 made.